Be healthy
and alive.
Start. Right.

Feeling trapped by your health problems?

Confused about your health condition?

Tired of taking pills with side effects?

Sick of spending too much money on your health care?

Want to meet with your doctor without leaving your home?

Concerned that your doctor visits don’t allow enough time?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re not alone.
Columbus Prevent and Reverse is here to help!

Why is Columbus Prevent and Reverse the Solution?

We are a different kind of healthcare. We are doctors that specialize in disease reversal. We not only teach you why, but show you how. Our team addresses the underlying reasons for your diagnoses. Instead of putting a band-aid on your health issues with medications and supplements, we target the root cause of the disease and work to resolve it.

Columbus Prevent and Reverse will help you gain control of your health through:

  • Individualized nutrition counseling, tailored to your health issues

  • Reversal and prevention of disease with plant-based nutrition

  • In-depth education about your specific disease process and diagnosis

  • A complete review of your medications, explaining what they are and how they work

  • Learning how to avoid unnecessary medication and invasive procedures

  • Physical activity counseling

  • Sleep improvement

  • Stress management

  • Living your life for what matters to you

  • Connecting to others around you

  • Weight improvement

  • Pain reduction

  • Recommendations that adapt to your improving health

For your convenience, we accept HSA and FSA payments for our services. 

With the plan that we help you create, you can expect:

  • Your body and mind working for you instead of against you

  • Improvement of your medical conditions

  • Feeling more energy

  • Weighing less

  • More restorative sleep

  • Taking less medicine; less pills, less injections

  • More time enjoying life

If you have questions and want to meet, schedule a 15 minute free video consult!

The way you live your life can save your life!

The medical research that supports our methods is astounding and growing. 80% of chronic diseases like high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes can be reversed and prevented by lifestyle interventions.

Tools we use to optimize your health:


More Attention: We accept fewer patients in order to provide individualized care.


Proactive Care: We create a personalized plan to reverse your chronic illness and find your best health.


Accessibility: You can easily reach your doctor and office visits aren’t rushed. You can also consult with our doctors from your home via telemedicine.


Solutions: Instead of focusing on the symptoms, we look at the full picture – addressing how lifestyle interventions will help you live longer, healthier and happier. 


Clarity: We take the time to explain your health problems and how you’ve developed them. 

Patient Testimonials:

  • "Columbus Prevent and Reverse has been an indispensable resource in helping me establish and maintain a solid diet and comprehensive wellness regimen. The information provided is never generic. It's tailored to my specific challenges and needs. As a client, I feel confident that I'm receiving the best and most current information available on the importance of a plant based lifestyle as a cornerstone to my overall wellbeing. Likewise, I have greater clarity on how critical exercise along meditation, sleep, and daily expressions of gratitude are in optimizing health and wellness. My time with Dr. Doshi has helped me improve in my physical fitness, mindset, relationship with my spouse and outlook on my future. I highly recommend Columbus Prevent and Reverse to anyone looking to make significant and lasting change in their life."

  • "My experience with Columbus Prevent and Reverse over the past 6 months has been refreshingly different from my attempts at lifestyle changes in the past. Right after completing the health assessment, I was contacted to set up a meeting to review my goals. Dr. Doshi was extremely clear in outlining the program and developing a plan of action. The weekly follow-up calls or in person meetings, the accountability checks, the guidance and counseling along the way have helped me get that much closer to my desired outcomes. I have been able to get off of my blood pressure medicine, my sleep has improved, I don’t have the daily aches and pains that I have lived with for years and I am losing weight. I have been able to manage my stress better and communication with my spouse has been much more open. I am excited to see all that is yet to come as I continue on this path of health and wellness. This is a program I would recommend to anyone seeking to make lifestyle changes."