Healthy Habits
is a Process 

How Our Services Work

Our physicians are trained in Lifestyle Medicine. This means that they have the skills and the tools to help you live your best life. You can reverse or eliminate your risk of chronic disease by making changes in your daily nutrition, physical activity level, sleep quality, management of stress, use of harmful substances, and purpose and connections with others. 

We meet with you in our office, or remotely with a telemedicine video appointment. Together, we will discover exactly what your condition(s) is/are, how your medications work and what caused the disease in the first place. You will learn how to make changes in each area to optimize your health.


These changes are easier for some than they are for others. You’ll need support, so your doctor will be checking in on you, coaching you, and encouraging you along the way. Making positive change is easier and more lasting when there is a group of people supporting you.

We provide personalized health optimization for your medical issues, personal goals and obstacles. Get started today with one of our options! 


Through our telemedicine services, you can meet with one our doctors anytime, anywhere, without leaving your home!

Membership Plans – (Currently 1 month free with 1 year membership)

To help you confidently take control of your health, every membership includes a Customized Support Plan that features:

  • Tailored nutritional recommendations catered to your lifestyle and cooking level

    • Foods that energize and nourish you, not lower your energy levels or destroy you from the inside out

    • We help adapt your favorite homecooked meal or restaurant meal to give you a taste of nostalgia without any guilt.

    • Lifestyle recommendations that fit into your daily life

  • Goal setting and plans on how to attain them

  • Help with forming habits and microhabits
  • Options for physical activity

  • Sleep optimization

  • Evidence-based Mindfulness Training Program included

For your convenience, we accept HSA and FSA payments for our membership plans and consultations. 


Not sure? Find out more with a free video consult!

This is a new kind of medicine, so we understand if you have questions. Book a 15 minute video consult with one of our physicians to discuss what we offer and how we can help you!

Free 15 minute consult!


Your session includes:

  • 15 minutes with one of our physicians, one-on-one

  • Time to ask questions about what Columbus Prevent and Reverse offers

  • Time to assess how we are a good fit with your goals

Premium Plan

$229 every month

A Customized Support Plan Plus:

  • Monthly group sessions to build community and relate to others on the same journey

  • An invitation to join small groups to learn practical skills around making better lifestyle decisions (cooking classes, grocery shopping lessons, meditation sessions, etc.)

  • Peer support from others who are also making these lifestyle changes

  • Unlimited visits with your physician — we'd love to meet in person, but until the COVID-19 pandemic improves, we will meet via telemedicine video conferencing

  • Comprehensive medical review

  • Telephone access to your physician during clinic hours

  • Email access to your physician at any time

  • Ongoing coaching and encouragement from your medical team

Price is valid with a 12 month commitment. Each additional household member that signs up gets 25% off! Call or email us to discuss this option.

Single Sessions are also available

Discuss your health care goals 1-on-1 with one of our physicians! This is the perfect way to get started with us if you’re not ready to commit to a year-long membership. Telehealth consultations are available.

If you decide to invest for the year, this investment carries forward!

If you are having difficulty booking online, or prefer to book in person or have a scheduling issue, contact us here! Custom packages are available on request. 

1 Month Consult

$299 for 1-month membership

Your membership:

  • Starts with a 2-hour consultation to review your health and set goals

  • Includes a personalized plan to help you find your best health, while minimizing your risk of chronic disease

  • Unlimited visits over the month