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How can we help you the best?
Find out more with a free video consult!


This is a new approach to healing, so we understand if you have questions. Book a 20 minute video consult to discuss what we offer and how we can help you!

Free 20 minute consult!


Your session includes:

  • 20 minutes, one-on-one

  • Time to ask questions about what Columbus Prevent and Reverse offers

  • Time to assess how we are a good fit with your goals

Premium Packages

Call us to discuss ​

Are you worried about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, angina, or heart disease?

Are you ready to make real changes and make real progress?

This is the plan where we help you learn and execute.

  • You can take advantage of everything we do.

  • We work with you on the steps you'll need to take to start feeling better and living more.​

Schedule a free consultation to discuss this option.

Discuss your health care goals 1-on-1 with one of our physicians!


"Invest in yourself, invest in your health."

How do we help you confidently take control of your health?

  • In-depth initial consult focusing on revealing hard targets, true motivations, strengths, assets, and challenges.

  • From there, we move step by step through a process that includes: realizing you can change, choosing strategies, tactics, and getting you trained up to execute.

  • Goal setting and plans on how to attain them

  • Help with forming habits and microhabits
  • Sleep optimization

  • Evidence-based Mindfulness Training Program included

For your convenience, we accept HSA and FSA payments for our membership plans and consultations. 

How Our Services Work

You can improve, reverse, or eliminate your risk of chronic disease by making changes in your daily nutrition, physical activity level, sleep quality, management of stress, use of harmful substances, and purpose and connections with others. 

We meet with you via a secure video appointment. Together, discuss exactly what your condition(s) is/are and what caused the disease in the first place. Then, we'll talk about how to get more of your life back.


We provide personalized health optimization for your medical issues, personal goals, and obstacles. Get started today with one of our options! 


Through our video meetings, we can meet with you anywhere.

If you are having difficulty booking online, or prefer to book in person or have a scheduling issue, contact us here! Custom packages are available on request. 

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