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Schedule Your 25-Minute Free Video Consult

Pick a slot in our calendar so we can talk more!

Your session includes:

  • 25 minutes, one-on-one

  • Time to ask questions about what Dr Sagar Doshi can help you with

  • Time to assess how we are a good fit with your goals

Next Steps

Given our commitment to delivering quality support amid a surge in demand, our program operates on an application basis.

1. Select a Time for Your Consultation: Take a moment to choose a time that suits you. This initial discussion will help us understand your goals and ascertain whether our program aligns with your unique situation.

2. Refundable Deposit: A REFUNDABLE deposit of $50. This measure aims to ensure the seriousness of commitments, preventing no-shows that could deny others the opportunity for assistance. This will be refunded whether you sign up for the coaching program or not.

4. Attend Your Video Consultation: Your consultation, conducted through confidential and secure video software widely used in the medical field, awaits. By showing up on time and adhering to our 24-hour notice policy for cancellations or rescheduling, your deposit will be promptly refunded.

Your journey towards positive change begins with these simple yet impactful steps.


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