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Stress Course: CPR for the Mind


Sometimes it feels like we're always flying through a storm and it's going to knock us right out of the sky. It doesn't have to be like this; we can't control the weather, but we can fly better. When you do it right, stress can be an assist, not an obstacle. Take this course to learn how to get better at handling stress. People often think that they have to give things up to feel less distressed and they worry that will mean they will miss out on life. Far too often, that's way off. Take this course to realize that when you manage stress well, you enhance your joy, connection, and performance. This course is built on the concept of mindfulness, which means realizing what is happening while it is happening. It uses this evidence-based structure to explore the mechanisms of how our minds work and practice in retraining our thought patterns. This course will get updated and improved as time goes on. Once you register for this course once, you'll have access to all the additions and updates. Go ahead and sign-up now!




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